The Story of Fungus AmungUs | Fungus AmungUs
Fungus AmungUs

Welcome to a world of microscopic mayhem. The Fungus Amungus outbreak has begun and it’s time for you to learn all about these super gross, super sticky creatures in order to catch them.

The Funguy hunt is get ready!


In a secret lab deep underground The Bio Busters have been capturing and experimenting on the world’s most grossest beings - the Funguys! The Funguys are a collection of germs, spores, bacteria, moulds and more - some are creepy, some are gross but they are all super sticky!

After years of being poked, squashed, stretched, examined and contained by The Bio Busters the Funguys have had enough and escaped into the human world, causing all sorts of mayhem.

With The Bio Busters hot on their heels, the Funguys have taken to hiding in all sorts of weird, wonderful and sometimes disgusting places!

The three things Funguys hate most are dusters, washing machines and most of all The Bio Busters!

Can you help the Bio Busters capture these bacteri-urgh?